Ford Focus vs Honda Civic

 Ford Focus

 Honda Civic

You want a compact car, hopefully something sporty but definitely something reliable. When you think of reliability you think of Honda but you know you're supposed to shop arround and have heard about the Ford Focus. Let us help you compare these two popular compact cars. We've assembled quotes from some independent review sites to help you with your comparison.

If you take a look at the comparison from The Car Connection you see that the Civic ranks tops in: fuel economy, passenger volume, front sholder, leg and head room and more. That is why the Civic got a score of 8.8 compared to the Focus score of 8.4.

In their head to head U.S. News & World Report says "In our rankings, the Honda shines, while the Ford lags in most categories." They have much more to say but conclude with, "Both the Focus and Civic are popular choices with consumers, but if you're looking for more space, top safety scores, and higher reliability ratings, your choice should be the 2016 Honda Civic."

AutoTrader agrees with the other sites, "Although the 2016 Ford Focus is a good car, it offers one of the oldest designs in the compact-car segment. Since the Civic offers the newest design, Honda has a huge advantage here, whether you're interested in technology, safety features, safety ratings, driving experience, fuel economy or reliability. We highly recommend the Civic over the Focus, ..."

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