Toyota Camry vs Honda Accord

 Toyota Camry
Honda Accord Sedan

Two of the top selling sedans.  How do you decide which is best for you?  Let's see what some independent reviewers have to say.

The Car Connection gives the Accord a TCC score of 8.3 compared to an 7.0 for the Camry. They say, "We like the Accord's refined feel and its available safety equipment more than the Camry ..." also "The Accord is the winner in comfort and space, too."

In a head to head comparison U.S. New & World Report favors the Honda Accord giving it the nod in "Seat Comfort and Interior Refinment", "Safety", "Fuel Efficiency" and "Performance." says it's difficult to pick the better car between the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. But it rates the Accord superior on 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder Horsepower, Torque and Fuel Economy.  The Accord is also rated top on Cargo Capacity.

Car and Driver says, "Both of Honda's Japanese rivals, Nissan and Toyota, also manufacture in the U.S., in bigger plants that are just as highly regarded as Marysville. Yet, we find neither of their mid-size sedans as engaging as the Accord. The last time either one cracked 10Best, the internet wasn't much of a thing, and Honda's family car had already racked up nine trophies in a row. Its most recent streak, including this year, stands at 19."

I think we have an answer.  Call Valley Hi Honda to schedule a test drive of the Honda Accord Sedan.